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How to: use the HappyWheels Hero Chair

Posted by Deborah Lee on

The HappyWheels Hero Chair is a wheelchair that is lightweight and great for daily use. Wheelchairs are great for people who like to have the option to self propel.

It has detachable arm rests, therefore allowing transferring to and from the wheelchair easier and more fuss free. 

armrest1.jpg armrest2.jpgarmrest3.jpg

The Hero Chair is easily foldable, allowing it to fit into the car boot with ease! 

The footrests are detachable, making way for more available storage space. footrests1.jpg footrests2.jpg


The backrests are foldable as well!

backrest1.jpg backrest2.jpg

Our Hero Chair is very easily utilised, with the mag style rear wheels, offering comfortable grip for users. The brakes are also easily accessible on the push handles, and is also able to be locked in place to ensure the wheelchair stays. 

HCbrakes1.jpg HCbrakes2.jpg

HCbrakes3.jpg HCbrakes4.jpg

Here is a general video guide for our Hero Chair!

For more details, visit our website!

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