How To Measure Cane Length?

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Just bought a new fancy non-adjustable height cane? Or already have one and unsure about how to get good fit? We've got the solution for you!
Firstly, you've got to measure the cane length you need.
  1. Put on your usual footwear
  2. Stand in a relaxed, natural position
  3. Have your arms hang naturally without locking your elbows
  4. Measure the distance from the ground up to your wrist bone, rounding up to the nearest inch

Then, get the measurement of your cane.

  1. Measure from the ground to the lowest point of the handle of the walking cane
    • Tip: Do not remove the cane tip at this point, take the tip into consideration when measuring cane length

    Now, get the cane to the right length!

    1. Find the difference in length of your cane and the measurement you need, and mark out the difference from the bottom of the cane tip
    2. Remove the cane tip, then saw or cut away the bottom portion of the walking cane that is equal to the difference in lengths
      • Tip: For aluminium canes, a simple tube cutter will do the job. For wooden/acrylic canes, a small hacksaw gets the job done!
      • Sand the bottom to ensure it is flat before re-attaching the cane tip

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