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Introducing foldable walking canes and seat canes

Posted by Deborah Lee on

When we talk about walking aids, the first thing that comes to the mind will probably be the walking cane. These are likely the most widely used assistive mobility devices and they do in fact come in a variety of models.

At The Golden Concepts, we bring in a variety of canes, ranging from solid shaft canes, to foldable walking canes to walking canes with a seat. Canes can generally be bought at an inexpensive price. As such, it is tempting to purchase the canes without knowing which is the most suitable. This may result in an improper fit of a cane which may be too short or too long for the user. It is important for canes to be adjusted to the correct height and to have a comfortable grip for maximum support and minimise discomfort. For example, if the cane is too high, this will result in elevated shoulders, compromising both balance and comfort (Walking sticks with, n.d.).

Foldable canes

Foldable walking canes differ from the typical cane in that they are both height adjustable and foldable. Being able to fold your cane and put it away when not in use increases the convenience of using such a cane.

Our Switch Sticks and Royal Canes range of canes provide convenient and lightweight solutions for the discerning cane user. Foldable walking sticks contains an elastic cord within a shaft that allows the cane to snap quickly into place. Besides that, the height of the cane can also be adjusted to the user’s height. With carefully curated designs, we hope to encourage the use of canes by ensuring that it never feels dreary to pick up a cane.

Seat canes

For a practical solution for those who like going outdoors, but feel tired from time to time, they can consider seat canes. Featuring a tripod design and ergonomic seat, it is both stable and comfortable considering its size. Our range of seat canes are strong yet lightweight and can be easily folded down for storage. When folded, it can be used as a normal walking stick to maintain balance and provide support. With your seat cane with you, you will always have a place to rest wherever you are.




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