Useful Tips: Where To Install Grab Bars In Your Home

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With majority of falls among the elderly occurring in their homes, it is important to fall-proof the bathroom area.

Installing grab bars is a simple way to prevent falls, and to also provide users with more support as they carry out their daily activities. In this article, we cover the key areas in the bathroom where you should install grab bars, as well as provide information on the estimated charges for grab bar installation.


Beside the toilet bowl

We recommend a 30cm or 45cm straight grab bar, installed horizontally beside the toilet bowl to support the user in sitting and standing.

If there is no wall beside the toilet bowl, you can consider a folding grab bar instead. The folding grab bar will be installed on the back wall and there is an option to flip up and down depending on preference.

Note: If there is a glass partition or wall, it is not recommended to install any grab bar nor use any suction bar on this surface as it is not designed for that.


In the shower area

We recommend that a 30cm straight grab bar is installed vertically under the shower head, and a 45cm along the wall installed horizontally. 

If the user has limited mobility and cannot stand for long periods of time, you can also consider a shower seat.

         Bath Safety Matt Black HappyBath Deluxe Wall Mounted Shower Seat With Legs


Entrance of doorways with a small step

We recommend a shorter bar of 20cm or 30cm to be installed vertically on the wall next to the door frame. You can also consider a slimmer designer grab bar.

Along Walkways and Corridors


With the Matt Black Grab Bar, you can install along your corridors without ruining the aesthetic of it! It is sleek and minimalistic, while still providing support and safety along hallways so that seniors can hold onto it instead of the walls.

Grab Bar Installation Charges

We can recommend an experienced handyman to perform the installation of grab bars. His installation rates are $35 (standard grab bars), $45 (non-standard e.g. folding grab bars, wall-mounted shower seats) for the first fixture. Subsequent fixtures will cost $10 (standard) and $15 (non-standard) each.

Note: It is important to engage an experienced handyman for the installation as there may be concealed water pipes or hollow tiles, and these situations may affect the installation of the grab bars and their effectiveness.


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