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Dining & Feeding Aids For Independent Eating

Posted by Deborah Lee on

As we age, it is common to experience the weakening of the hand muscles. Studies have shown that hand function starts to decrease after the age of 65, and this may affect elderly's ability to perform daily tasks, such as eating. 

Due to this phenomenon, feeding aids were invented to allow people with physical limitations to have their meals independently. At The Golden Concepts, we strongly believe that allowing elderly to be self-reliant and independent will increase their confidence and thereby improve their quality of life. 

In this article, we are going to introduce some common feeding aids that will help your elderly loved ones at home to age independently and happily. 

1. Anti-slip Cutlery Grips 


These handle grips for utensils are specially designed to be larger than normal utensil grips, and also textured at the same time to enhance grip for the user. People with limited hand grasp eg. people with arthritis would have difficulties using normal cutleries as their grips are usually too smooth or too narrow. These hand grips can also help ease pressure on joints during use, allowing daily meals to be carried out without any discomfort or pain.  

2. Weighted Bendable Utensils 


There are slots within the utensils where weights can be added. Added weight on the utensils help to stabilise the grip for people who experience hand tremors. 

It can also be bent into the best and most suited angle for the user to bring food to their mouths easily, without having to rotate or twist their wrists. 

A strap is also included, where users can slot their hand into, to hold up the utensil if they have limited or no grasp. 

Here is a video guide on the usage of this weighted bendable utensil:

3. Scoop Dish 


Scoop dishes have one side of the plate raised, which allows easy scooping of food even with limited hand mobility. There are also suction cups at the bottom of the plates to keep the dish in place on the table during eating. 

Feeding aids are a great way to allow your elderly loved ones to age independently, and to feel a sense of dignity doing daily chores on their own. The idea may be foreign, but it is definitely worth a try! 

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