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Happy 2012 everyone! With this new year, we plan to introduce more Home Assistive Devices for your loved ones entering their golden years.

In addition to our unique gift ideas for seniors, we've begun to add home & lifestyle assistive devices in the recent weeks - the Metro Car Handle, Metro Walker, Assist-A-Tray, and Bedside Econorail. Designed in the US, these products are extremely useful in assisting seniors in everyday activities, such as getting out of the car and out of bed. 

Compared to the current bed rails out there in the market, the Bedside Econorail is probably the lightest and most portable bed rail you will ever come across. It even comes in a stylish tote bag - hard to imagine that there's a bed rail inside that small bag! Best of all, it can be assembled without any tools and fits securely onto any bed. This innovative bed rail is definitely something you may want to look into for your loved ones who may just need a little boost getting out of bed in the mornings. 

With the help of a Metro Car Handle, a car door hook (which every car has for safety reasons during side collisions) can be transformed into a handle easily to provide extra leverage when getting in and out of the car. Just don't forget to remove it before slamming the door shut!

In addition, the Metro Walker is also extremely unique compared to the other mobility aids currently in the market. Adopting the stability of a walking frame and adding the all-important feature of portability, this walker will surprise you. At the same time, it has an innovative 'glide' technology for its two hind legs, enabling it to glide seamlessly across any surface at the user's preferred pace. All this while simultaneously preventing the walker from ever sliding backwards. 

Assist-A-Tray is a great invention for activities at the sofa - reading newspapers, using your laptop, meals, you name it. The swivel table top can be turned in all directions so as to suit the needs of the user. Best of all, the handle provides a good support to stand up from a sitting position and vice versa.

We are certainly happy to bring more of such innovative quality products to you and your loved ones! Feel free to email us at should you have any queries.


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