3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home The Most Comfortable It Has Ever Been

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There is nowhere more comfortable than home. But, what if you could make your home even more comfortable than it already is. Sounds good? Read on to find out how!


#1. Level Up Your Seating Area

Do you have to wait for a seat to cool down right after someone stood up from it? With the OCA Ultra Comfort Water Cushion, you don’t have to do that anymore! In sunny, sunny Singapore, the OCA Cushion is a great addition to your seating area at home.


The cushion is filled with water which is absorbed into the foam that provides the cooling sensation you’ll feel when you sit on it. Besides being extremely comfortable, the OCA Cushion also works to reduce pressure and compression. The best part? You can simply add the cushion to your chairs or wheelchairs to instantly level up your seating area. :-)

Well, if the purple of the OCA Cushion does not go with your interior decoration, consider the HappyHome Ergo Cushion instead! The Ergo Cushion comes with a free cover in Black. The features of the Ergo Cushion? Let this video do the talking instead.


Even the egg stayed intact! The Ergo Cushion has a unique honeycomb design that reduces lower back strain and relieves pressure. Great for those who have to sit for an extended period of time!


#2. Moving On To The Bedroom

Now that your couches are prepped for an ultimate seating experience don’t forget about your bed! Ever wanted an elevated backrest so that you could lie back and relax on your bed? If so, the HappyHome Foldable Backrest is the perfect addition to the bedroom for you.


Just place the HappyHome Backrest on top of your bed surface and you are done. The Backrest can be adjusted to 5 different angles, so you are guaranteed to be comfortable. And here’s a quick tip. Add your favorite pillow between your back and the backrest for maximum comfort!


#3 Your Bathroom Deserves An Upgrade Too!

Always wanted an easy but fancy upgrade to your bathroom? Then, the Hyundae Bidet HB-2000  is what you are looking for.


It is an attachment bidet that can be easily installed onto any existing toilet bowls. Besides the easy installation, it practically requires no maintenance! Bidets are excellent for those with limited mobility. Limited movement in the wrists can hinder our ability to clean up after ourselves. However, with a bidet, that will no longer be an issue. Not only are bidets great for your personal hygiene, but they are also great for the environment. Compared to conventional toilet paper, bidets use much lesser water. Go green!

With these little enhancements, your home will be more comfortable than ever! Want to know more about other products for older adults? Check out our website here. 

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