Work From Home Feature: Sanctband Balance Wobble Cushion

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Work From Home Feature: Sanctband Balance Wobble Cushion


Sitting for long periods can have a detrimental effect on one’s posture and overall health. Especially with working from home as the new normal, it is important to find ways to increase one’s physical activity whilst remaining productive. The Sanctband Balance Wobble Cushion is the perfect solution as it adds an element of instability to the regular office chair, engaging users’ core muscles throughout the day. 


A small inflatable cushion with an unstable surface, the Sanctband Balance Wobble Cushion allows users to improve their posture when balancing on it. When incorporated into a workout, it can also be used to regain joint stabilization, which is the body’s awareness of its position in space. The difficulty of the cushion can even be adjusted through both the choice of surface used as well as the amount of air pumped into the cushion. The smaller the amount of air within the cushion, the higher the difficulty as the cushion is softer. 

Here are three ways the cushion may be used: 


1. While sitting

To use it, simply place the cushion on a chair while working. The additional balance required to sit on it will help with the engagement of core muscles. To activate them further, do some side bends as shown in the pictures below.


2. While standing

For first-time users, it would be good to have a surface to hold onto for support when attempting to stand on the cushion. By shifting the body weight forward and backwards, users train their ankle stability. For higher levels of difficulty, balance on one leg at a time or do some squats.


3. While lying down

Core exercises can be made more challenging with the cushion which increases instability, necessitating further activation of muscles. 

Sit on the cushion and lift the legs off the ground. Hold for 30 seconds.



Place the cushion behind the lower back. Do crunches for 30-60 seconds.



Place the cushion behind the shoulders. Do hip thrusts for 30-60 seconds. 

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