Personal Care Products for the Elderly

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Personal Care Products for the Elderly

Letting our elderly loved ones take charge of their personal hygiene is one way that we can promote independent and active ageing. It allows them to age with dignity as we give them the power to make their own choices, respecting their personal space in the process. Here are 6 products that make self-care easier for them in an instant!

1. Nail Clipper with Magnifier

Did you know that nails increase in thickness with age? Chances of them being curved or splitting are also much higher. The Nail Clipper with Magnifier has a wide handle and a 4x magnification effect which make it easier for users to trim their own nails with confidence, reducing eye strain at the same time.


2. Long Handle Hair Brush

As simple as it sounds, hair brushing is a daily task that seniors might struggle with as it requires the lifting of their arms. The HappyHome Long Handle Hair Brush helps to minimise shoulder and upper arm movement, offering greater independence for those with limited dexterity or arthritis. The long ergonomic handle also reduces strain during brushing.

3. Dressing Aids

For seniors with difficulty bending or with limited upper extremity movement, the HappyHome Dressing Stick assists them in putting on jackets, pulling up pants or removing socks. On the other hand, as its name suggests, the HappyHome Button Hook & Zipper Pull helps users button and zip their clothes quickly. These encourage seniors to engage in one-handed operation, enabling independent dressing.

4. Thermometer

In times like these, seniors might prefer to take more safety precautions. One way to do so is by monitoring their health daily with the Rossmax Oral Thermometer with Flexible Tip TG380.

5. Magnifiers

“Old already, cannot see” is a common phrase that seniors in our society say when they struggle to read text on signs, manuals or menus. Rather than dismissing their poor eyesight as a condition that cannot be helped, it would be useful to consider purchasing a magnifier to reduce eye strain, depending on the type of activity users engage in.

The Eschenbach Mobilux LED Reading Magnifier, for instance, is a portable magnifier designed with a powerful LED light bulb and a wide handle for easy grip. It comes with a fitted cover as well as snap-on light filters included. The Sheet Magnifier is another distortion-free, flexible and foldable tool that helps with the reading of newspapers and books.

6. Weekly Pill Dispenser

The HappyHome Weekly Pill Dispenser contains 7 compartments for a weekly dosage. Seniors who tend to forget their medication might benefit from the easy-to-open lids that are marked with letters corresponding to each day of the week. This product is compact, making it a great travel companion too! 



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