Mobility Aids for Travel

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Mobility Aids for Travel

Seniors are encouraged to stay home as much as possible in times like these. That being said, doctor’s appointments or grocery runs remain essential. The following products allow them to get to and from places with greater ease and comfort, promoting independent mobility and active ageing.

Do note that the products are listed in ascending order, according to the degree of independence required on the part of users.  

1. HappyWheels Easy Chair Lightweight Wheelchair
HappyWheels Easy Chair Lightweight Wheelchair

If you’re looking for a wheelchair that is suitable for bringing your elderly loved ones out of the house, look no further! The HappyWheels Easy Chair Lightweight Wheelchair* has a foldable backrest and quick-release detachable footrests that allow it to fit into a car boot nicely. It is affordable and of high-quality, perfect for daily use. 

*Recommended for users with caregiver assistance

2. HappyWheels Lightweight Travel Rollator

The HappyWheels Lightweight Travel Rollator is specially designed for those who value their independence but require some form of support. With this, your elderly loved ones will be able to walk longer distances and take a seat in between. It folds easily and includes an adjustable handle height, ergonomic loop brakes and even comes with a deluxe shopper bag.

3. Folding Seat Cane

As seen on SGAG, the Folding Seat Cane (in Emerald or Ultra Violet) has a convenient folding design that allows users to carry it anywhere, while the comfortable ergonomic seat provides them with a place to rest at any time. It is light, sturdy and convenient for travel.

4. AgeGracefully Carbon Fiber Quad Cane (MP3 Auto Alarm Handle)

One of our new products in-store, the AgeGracefully Carbon Fiber Quad Cane (MP3 Auto Alarm Handle) has features that make it truly the first of its kind. It comes with a detachable wrist strap, a single self-standing tip base and a quad base (either small or medium-sized). Built into its handle is an MP3 and radio player with a microSD storage card, and an auto-fall SOS alarm which will be triggered automatically when the cane tilts to a certain angle. It is perfect for seniors who enjoy taking a stroll outdoors.


5. Stander Metro Car Handle Plus

The Stander Metro Car Handle Plus is simple but extremely useful in helping users get in and out of a car. It is an innovative device which fits into the U-shaped striker plate on any car’s door frame, and can be removed in seconds. It also comes with a handy integrated torchlight and a non-slip ergonomic grip!

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