How to Convince your Elderly Parents to use a Walking Cane

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Getting our elderly parents or grandparents to start using walking aids can be a difficult task. Sometimes, they get prideful and refuse to believe that they need to depend on one.

A walking cane is a great starting point to start getting them to ease into walking aids! Using a walking cane can help them maintain their balance and reduce the chances of falls!

So how do we begin convincing our parents to use a walking cane? Here are some tips and advices to help you with that.

1. Stress on the Dangers

Educate them on the dangers of not using a walking aid. Using a walking cane can help them maintain balance and thus reduce the risk of falling. If they're already experiencing existing pain in their legs, not using a walking aid can worsen the pain and make walking an even more daunting task for them.

Remind them that with a walking aid, it can allow them to walk longer distances and thus they can do more activities! They are able to feel more independent, and would not require constant caregiver's attention!

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2. Advice from Healthcare Professional 

Most elderly people take the advice of healthcare providers more seriously. So, if the word comes from their doctor, they may be more willing to pick up that walking stick! The doctor can also go through with them some safety tips for using the walking aid, so they do not misuse the cane!

Watch this video below to learn about how to find the proper and most suitable walking stick for your elderly parents!

3. Style is Important too!

You may not know it, but elderly can be vain too. Thus, if you offer them only one option of a standard bronze walking cane, it may be hard to get them to use it. Give them options! Giving them more options to choose from can make the process of getting a walking cane more exciting! A cool looking cane can also be a great conversation starter for them when they go out, which can increase their interaction with people and keep their minds active!

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We hope this blogpost has helped to ease the process of you convincing your elderly parents to start using a walking cane!

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