How To Choose The Right Air Mattress

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Choosing the right air mattress for your elderly loved ones can be confusing given that there are so many different models available. In this article, we have created a simple guide to help you out.

1. Prevention or Treatment of bed sores: Does the user have existing bed sores?

2. Types of cells: Circular or Tubes, what's the difference?

3. Mattress alternating system: Air mattresses operate on an alternating cycle of either A/B or A/B/C.

  • A/B Alternating system: Inflation cycle means that 1 in 2 cells will take turns to inflate. (Refer to figure 1 below for illustration)

(Figure 1: HappyHome Basic Alternating Pressure Air Mattress)

  • A/B/C Alternating system: Inflation cycle means that 2 in 3 cells will take turns to inflate. This means that there are more cells supporting the user at all times. It provides the best comfort and relief for pressure sores. (Refer to figure 2 below for illustration)

(Figure 2: Deluxe Alternating Pressure Air Mattress)


Other related Q&A:

Q. How do bed sores occur?

It can occur during prolonged periods of bed rest and/or on the wheelchair.

Q. What are the stages of bed sores?

Stage 1 - No open wounds but the sore is painful on the skin & it can feel more firm/soft than other areas.

Stage 2 - Skin breaks open and expands deeper into the skin. It can look like an abrasion or a blister.

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