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Frequently Asked Questions about Ramps

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Bifold and Telescopic Ramps

1. How to know which length of ramp would be optimum?

The ratio of the height (of the steps) to the length should be 1 : 6 for the optimum steepness.







2. How does the ramp stay in place?

There are anti-slip surfaces at the top of the ramps which will prevent ramps from sliding. 


3. What is the main difference between the Bifold and Telescopic ramp?

Telescopic ramps come as 2 separate pieces and thus is best used for wheelchairs. The wheelchair will go on the ramp, while the pusher will walk in between the ramp. 











Whereas for Bifold ramps, they are wider in width and therefore can be used for wheelchairs, and even trolleys, for those who wish to use it for transporting goods.












4. What if there is not enough space to place the length of ramp I need?

You would have to settle for a shorter ramp, which will result in the ramp being at a steeper height. 


Would the ramp corrode if I place it in the shower?

Since this is a wooden ramp, it is not suited for constant and excessive exposure to water. It is best if ramp is placed outside of shower area. 


Here is a flowchart to help you choose the ramp best suited for your needs.

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