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Comfortable, Portable, and Functional: Introducing the HappyHome Foldable Backrest

Posted by Shermaine Goh on

At times, your elderly loved ones may wish to have their meal or take their medication in the comfort of their own bed, at home. However, as pillows do not offer sufficient back support for them to sit upright, he or she may not feel comfortable especially when seated for extended periods of time.

We’ve got just the solution - the HappyHome Foldable Backrest

The HappyHome Foldable Backrest offers a quick and easy solution to creating an elevated backrest in bed, and even on sofas. Simply place it on top of the bed or sofa, ensure that the base of the backrest is resting against a hard surface, adjust it to your preferred angle, and it will be ready for use!

Here are the key features of the HappyHome Foldable Backrest:


  • Compact design: Folds flat for easy storage
  • Durable: Solid construction epoxy coated frame
  • Practical: Mesh fabric for added breathability and easy cleaning
  • Comfortable: 5 adjustable angles (25 to 75 degrees)


The HappyHome Foldable Backrest is suitable for everyone, not just seniors. You may choose to use it on your bed or sofa to keep you propped up while reading, watching television, or even having a meal.

For more information, check out the HappyHome Foldable Backrest product page.

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