Choosing Proper Walking Canes over Umbrellas

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We are all familiar with elderly being embarrassed to use walking canes, and insist on using umbrellas as a walking aid. If we don't know well enough, we may just agree with them that umbrellas are sufficient as a walking support. However, that is not the case! Read on to find out the various reasons why you should choose a proper walking stick over umbrellas!

1. Not Sturdy Enough

Umbrellas are not designed to withstand the weight of the user. Thus, if too much pressure is exerted on the umbrella when used as a walking aid, it may result in breaking and lead to a fall. 

At the same time, if umbrella used does not have rubberised tips, it reduced friction and maybe cause umbrella to be slippery against the ground.

Walking Cane Rubber Tips

Why use a walking aid, when it poses a greater risk of falling than preventing falls?

2. No Height Optimisation

Height of umbrellas are usually non-height-adjustable. This means that you are unable to customise the height to achieve optimal comfort on the wrist and arms of the user. If height of walking cane is not optimum, long term use can lead to straining of the wrist and shoulder!

Watch this video to find out the optimum height of walking canes you should be using:

3. When it rains

Of course we have heard these sayings from elderly that uses umbrella as walking canes :"Umbrella good what, when it rains then I can use the umbrella to shelter myself from the rain!"

But give it a good thought, if they use the umbrella as shelter during rain, then what are they using as walking aids! Moreover, roads are slippery during rain, and they would need a walking support even more!

It is time we all moved on from the thought that using walking canes embarrassing and start to think of it as empowering instead!

No one is more responsible for your safety than yourself! Walk safely today. 


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  • Thanks for this article. We’ve been trying to tell our family member that but she’s not receptive. I think it’s largely due to the fact that she’s seen holding an umbrella and not a walking stick. The latter makes a person look old / disabled.

    Seah on

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