All About Bed Rails: The What, Who, Where, Which, and How

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In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about bed rails:

  • WHAT is a bed rail?
  • WHO will find a bed rail useful?
  • WHERE are bed rails installed?
  • HOW do you use a bed rail?
  • WHICH bed rail is most suitable for you?

#1. What is a bed rail?

A bed rail is a safety device installed at the sides of a normal home bed. It is usually serve two functions:

  • Prevent users from falling out of bed
  • Support users when they are getting in/out of bed

Falls, especially among the elderly, can be very dangerous as they may lead to complicated injuries such as hip fractures. Installing bed rails is a simple preventative measure that you can take to ensure that your loved ones do not fall out of bed. Additionally, bed rails can also provide a reliable form of support when they are getting in and out of bed.

#2. Who will find a bed rail useful?

Bed rails are most suitable for elderly persons who:

  • require support when getting in and out of bed
  • are at risk of falling

If you require some extra support to sit up in bed, you can consider the Bed Caddie, a device attached to the foot of the bed to provide users with support to sit up in bed.

#3. Where are bed rails installed?

Bed rails are installed onto regular home beds. To install a bed rail, place it underneath the mattress, and install at the side of the user’s bed. Depending on the user's preference, you may choose to install it on one side or both sides.

Compared to hospital beds, bed rails enable a more homely atmosphere and are suited for persons who do not require the full functions of a hospital bed (e.g. reclining function). Bed rails are also a more affordable option, compared to hospital beds.

#4. How do you use a bed rail?

There are two types of beds - divan beds and framed beds. Here is an example of a divan bed and a framed bed:

Image(s) from: Dreams

Depending on the type of bed, we are able to recommend the suitable bed rail. We also have bed rails which fit both divan and framed beds, such as the EZ Adjust Bed Rail, the Bedside Econorail, and the Bedrail Advantage Traveler.

#5 Which bed rail is most suitable for you?

There are many bed rails available in the market that cater to the different needs of users. How do you know which bed rail is suitable for your loved ones? Consider the following:

  • What does the user need it for (preventing falls or just support)?
  • Does the user require assistance getting out of bed?
  • Do you need it for home use or for travelling?

At The Golden Concepts, we carry a wide variety of quality bed rails to cater to various needs. To help you decide which one is suitable, here is a condensed infographic that can help you make your choice:

How to choose the right bed rail for elderly persons

For more information on how to choose the correct bed rail, you can read our other blog post here.

Do visit our website at for more eldercare products specially curated to meet the needs of your loved ones!

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