8 Gift Ideas For This Father's Day

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Father’s Day is round the corner! Still undecided on what to get your dad? Fret not, we have compiled a list of gift ideas for you. Here are 8 gift ideas that you can consider:

 #1 Massagers

Show your love for dad this Father’s Day by getting him a massager to soothe out those knots from work stress. Massagers also helps in blood circulation and work out stiff muscles!

Beurer has a range of massagers catered to various needs. From heating belts to foot massagers, there is definitely something for everyone!

#2 Supplements/Tonics

 Notice that your father is busy with work and does not have time to take care of his health? Gift him with supplements and tonics to boost his health. 

Pain-relief patches can come in handy for fathers that complain of muscle aches. 

For your elderly father, you can consider Regenerix Gold (oral supplement for tissue repair) or Flexiseq (for osteoarthritis).

#3 Fashion Items

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See dad with the same old clothing? Surprise him by gifting him with new clothes to spice up his wardrobe. You can also consider wallets and keyholders as practical gift ideas. Departmental stores have plenty of such items for your selection.

For the more cheeky dads, you can consider our range of HappySocks to add some fun and colour to his wardrobe.

#4 Handmade Cards

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Who said that dads cannot appreciate handmade gifts? Surprise your dad with a thoughtful handmade card to express your gratitude and love for him. Not sure how to go about doing so? Check out Pinterest for card design ideas and inspiration! You can also watch Youtube tutorials by many established handcrafting experts to learn how to make a beautiful card for dad this Father’s Day. 

#5 Exercise Equipments

Left to Right:

Portable Home Exercise Pedaller, Resistive Exercise Bands, Resistive Exercise Tubings

Notice that dad is getting a little out of shape? Encourage him to be fit again by gifting him some exercise equipments!

Smaller exercise equipment with varied resistive levels can help dads of different ages keep active in a less rigorous way.

Some exercise equipments suitable for home usage that you may consider, include: portable home exercise pedaller, resistive exercise bands, and/or resistive exercise tubings.    

#6 Cologne

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Who doesn't like to smell good? Notice that your dad’s cologne does not suit him or he has been using the same cologne for quite some time? It is time to get dad a new bottle of cologne! Head down to any departmental store and look for a scent that dad will like and mum will appreciate!

#7 Workshops/Classes

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Has it been quite some time since you last spent quality time with Dad? You may want to consider signing up for a one-day workshop with him. 

For the wine-loving dads, you may want to sign up for a one-day wine-tasting session with him! You will be taught the basics of wine terminologies and how to differentiate the different aromas, which will help to develop your sense of smell and taste. 

For Dads who love to bake, you may consider signing up for a baking class together with him. Learn how to bake delicious cakes and cookies together! Better yet, help dad surprise mom with baked treats!

#8 Travel Packages

Image from: Travel Strong

Have some extra time to spare? Send dad (and mom) off for a second honeymoon this Father’s Day. Or better yet, plan a family vacation for some well-needed family time.

If you are busy with work, you can consider a weekend getaway to nearby countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Fave by Groupon has many deals to destinations such as Batam, Bintan, Phuket et cetera for your consideration.

With this list, we hope that you have a better idea on what to gift your father this Father’s Day. The Golden Concepts team wishes all fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day! :)

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