5 Great Gift Ideas for the Elderly

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Have you always felt at a loss when thinking of what gifts to buy for an elderly relative? We get it, it's not easy to decide what to buy for someone who may already have everything they need. However, an older person always appreciates something thoughtful. Bearing that in mind, we've compiled a list of items which enriches their daily life, makes daily activities easier and life just that little bit more comfortable - grandma and grandpa will be so pleased to receive these gifts! 


1. Shoehorn

Older persons, especially those with hip and back pain, tend to find difficulty bending down to put on their shoes. Most of us would sit to put on our shoes then stand up to go out - however, for the elderly, getting up after being seated also takes a great deal of effort. A good solution would be to use a shoehorn to assist in putting on footwear! Our Luxury Ash Wood Shoehorn also doubles as a back scratcher and makes a classy gift while being thoughtful at the same time! 


2. Cushions

With lowered mobility in elderly, we find them sitting down for longer hours. Sitting down for extended periods of time can cause strain on the lower back. With these Support Cushions, it provides increased comfort and alleviates lower back pain. Thus, they make great gifts for older adults!

3. Foldable Designer Walking Canes

If you're finding it difficult to convince your elderly loved ones to use a walking aid when they need it, these foldable walking canes may be the perfect way to introduce a walking aid into their life! They are lightweight and foldable, making it fuss-free. The variety of designs can it more appealing for elderly to use them.

4. Magnifiers

These magnifiers are perfect little gifts as they are pocket sized and easy to bring around. If you have an elderly loved one that is an avid reader, these magnifiers is a no-brainer!

5. Resistive Exercise Bands

Want to gift something that will encourage them to stay physically active? These Resistive Exercise Bands are a great way to get them started! They are easy to use, and can be used for simple workouts anywhere!

Wondering where to take your elderly loved ones this holiday season? In Singapore, we're not short of suitable activities for all age groups.

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