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6 Great Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Posted by Deborah Lee on

Have you always felt at a loss when thinking of what gifts to buy for an elderly relative? We get it, it's not easy to decide what to buy for someone who may already have everything they need. However, an older person always appreciates something thoughtful. Bearing that in mind, we've compiled a list of items which enriches their daily life, makes daily activities easier and life just that little bit more comfortable - grandma and grandpa will be so pleased to receive these gifts! 

Painting Book

In the last couple of years, colouring books have been all the rage especially when talking about delaying the onset of dementia. However, for older persons, holding a colour pencil or pen to colour in those detailed drawings can be challenging due to loss in finger dexterity. Hence, we find that painting in larger pictures while lightly holding a brush is much more suitable. The Paint Project by Active Minds has specially been tailored for older persons in terms of complexity and content, and would be the perfect gift for someone who would like to stay engaged in creating art.


Older persons, especially those with hip and back pain, tend to find difficulty bending down to put on their shoes. Most of us would sit to put on our shoes then stand up to go out - however, for the elderly, getting up after being seated also takes a great deal of effort. A good solution would be to use a shoehorn to assist in putting on footwear! Our Luxury Ash Wood Shoehorn also doubles as a back scratcher and makes a classy gift while being thoughtful at the same time!

Reading Light

For elderly persons who enjoy reading, a portable reading light would come in very handy especially in some home environments which may be dimly lit. They would also be very useful in long bus/plane rides, for a more private reading experience. Our Dual-Pole LED Clip Light has a strong versatile clip, and 2 sets of LED lights which allows you to illuminate both pages of the book at once.  

Foot Massager


Pamper your elderly relatives by gifting a therapeutic foot massager that combines both luxury and stress relief at the same time. Especially suitable for active seniors who may be working and need some end-of-day stress relief, this FM60 Foot Massger features 18 rotating massage heads with a heating option for an effective and soothing shiatsu foot massage. 

Anti-slip Socks

Wearing non-slip socks increases safety around the home, especially in risky areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. Gift these to grandma and grandpa as a thoughtful gesture that you are concerned about their well-being at home! Coming in 4 different colours, our Anti-Slip Socks are so fluffy and comfortable that grandma and grandpa will want to wear these all day!

Seat Cushions

For many older adults, experiencing lower back pain after being seated for too long is common problem. Skwoosh has a range of high-quality, durable gel cushions for various purposes. Travel a lot? The Skwoosh Pro Traveler is ideal for added comfort on plane and bus seats. The Lumbar Cradle Support Cushion and Therapy Gel Cushion are also ideal thoughtful gifts to ease lower back pain.

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Wondering where to take your elderly loved ones this holiday season? In Singapore, we're not short of suitable activities for all age groups.

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