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6 Christmas Gift Ideas Designed To Bring Joy And Comfort To Seniors

Posted by Woo Pei Xun on

It’s that magical time of the year again. Except, you’re scratching your head on what to get for the folks at home (or you completely forgot amidst the hustle and bustle!). Instead of another box of chocolates, why not get something that is delightful and practical at the same time? Here are 6 Christmas gift ideas that will put a smile on your loved ones’ faces and make their everyday lives a little better:

1. Silicone Jar Opener (S$7)

    Jar OpenerJar Opener - 3 Colours

    Ever craved for a snack but was too hungry to open the jar? With the Silicone Jar Opener, we hope to cure the world of the unnecessary frustration from not being able to open a jar. It’s a simple solution that comes in three colours – red, yellow and blue – and we are sure Grandma will appreciate having this tool to assist her every time she’s in the kitchen.

    2. Portable Home Exercise Pedaller (S$49)


    This is the perfect gift for the folks who give plenty of excuses when it comes to exercising. With a Portable Home Exercise Pedaller, seniors can tone their leg and arm muscles without leaving the house – even while sitting down and watching TV! Best of all, this latest model can be folded easily for storage.

    3. HappyHome Sheet Magnifier (S$12)

    Yes, it’s a digital era and legibility can be simply solved by increasing the font size on your iPhone. Not so easy for those who love the tactile feel of newspapers, books and magazines though. Anyone who falls in the latter category will appreciate receiving one of these stylish magnifiers for sure (especially if you’re struggling to understand the fine print of the latest credit card promotion that caught your eye).

    4. HappyHome Ergo Cushion

    If your elderly loved ones at home spends a lot of time sitting down in front of the television, this may be a great gift for them! It has a unique honeycomb structure that provides pressure relief and alleviate lower back strain. It also remains cool!

    We did a series of experiments on this cushion, where an egg remains intact after sitting on it on this cushion! Check it out here!


    5. OCA Ultra Comfort Cushion (S$49)

      The OCA Ultra Comfort Water Cushion is pure luxury for the arrears. By simply placing this cushion on your chairs or wheelchairs, it’s an innovative way to instantly improve user comfort and reduce compression for long hours of sitting. The cushion uses a unique water and foam technology to fit its user perfectly and is suitable for everyone – office workers, wheelchair users, couch potatoes and anyone who sits.

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