Introduction to the Mobility Spectrum

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Older adults tend to find that daily activities become increasingly difficult to manage over time. One of these is walking and moving independently. Therefore, as with other products to improve the ease of managing daily activities, it is helpful to rely on helpful assistive products to enable better mobility.

Mobility aids serve the chief purpose of providing support for users on-the-go. Utilising mobility aids help to improve the physical and mental well-being of the user. As there varying levels of mobility and various mobility aids, it can get confusing for an older adult to figure out which aid to use.

In October, our team at The Golden Concepts came up with The Mobility Spectrum, a visual guide that allows one to identify one's mobility level and match that with the most suitable mobility aid. For many older adults, this provides a useful way to understand what they really need, thus increasing their safety and independence.

Alternatively, you can do this quick survey which will let you know which mobility aid you need:

In the spectrum, we match over 9 types of mobility levels, based on physical needs, with the most suitable mobility aid. Some of the aids include basic walking sticks, walkers and rollators and pushchairs and mobility scooters.  

We have 2 more blog posts coming up on choosing the right mobility aid; stay tuned! :)

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