5 Eldercare Products You Didn't Know Existed

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5 Eldercare Products You Didn't Know Existed

What comes to mind when you think of eldercare products? For most people, images of functional wheelchairs, plain walking canes or dreary hospital beds may emerge. As the ageing population in Singapore continues to grow, the demand for these products increases. However, they don’t have to be as boring and mundane as we make them out to be! Eldercare products are now more wide-ranging and stylish than you know. Here are 5 useful eldercare products you probably never knew existed.

1. Rollator


    In short, rollators are like walkers with more wheels. They are suitable for elderly people who are more mobile, providing support during long walks. The Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator comes with handbrakes and a seat, allowing users to sit and rest anytime. It is also foldable and compact. 

    2. Car Handle and Swivel Cushion

    Many elderly people fear going outdoors as they find it difficult to move about without feeling tired after a short while. One way to help them cope with their struggle is to introduce them to elderly-friendly accessories, such as the Stander Metro Car Handle Plus and Swivel Cushion. The former attaches quickly to a car and comes with a handy integrated torchlight, while the latter allows users to twist and turn in any direction. Both of these help users get in and out of a car with ease.

    3. Easy Transfer Chair

    If you’re a caregiver, this is the life-saver you never knew you needed. The Easy Transfer Chair “kiaps” users from the front, minimising movement on their part. It also allows caregivers to avoid back strain from carrying out transfers daily. It is easy to use and even has the added function of a commode!

    4. Eye Drop Guide

    Not much more has to be said about the Eye Drop Guide, of which the special cup design even helps to prevent blinking.


    5. Nail Clipper with Magnifier

    Another self-explanatory product for a commonly overlooked issue faced by elderly people when it comes to personal hygiene. The Nail Clipper with Magnifier provides users with 4x magnification, making it easier to trim nails with confidence.

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