5 Eldercare Products for Younger People

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5 Eldercare Products for Younger People

As caregivers or loved ones of seniors in our midst, we may sometimes wonder if there are eldercare products that we too can benefit from. Look no further! You might just be surprised at the convenience and comfort that the following 5 products can add to your daily life. 

1. HappyHome Ergo Cushion

Sitting for long periods of time can harm our back, especially as most of us are working from home. While the HappyHome Ergo Cushion can be placed on wheelchairs to support the elderly, it can also be used on regular chairs to help relieve lower back ache. It allows for proper air circulation and is cooling as well!

2. HappyHome Handy Reacher

Too lazy to reach for the remote control? Fret no more! The HappyHome Handy Reacher assists users in picking up items without having to stretch or bend down. All you have to do is to squeeze the trigger on one end. It even has a magnetic tip to help pick coins up from the ground.


3. Flipstick Folding Adjustable Seat Cane


If your legs ache from waiting in lines at concerts or theme parks, you might want to consider investing in a Flipstick Folding Adjustable Seat Cane! Fitting nicely into a handy canvas bag, it is the perfect companion for traveling. 


4. HappyHome Foldable Backrest

How many pillows do we need to prop ourselves up so that we can get into the perfect position to use our electronic devices? None! What we really need is the HappyHome Foldable Backrest. Its angle can be adjusted to create an elevated backrest in bed, with its mesh fabric allowing for added breathability and easy cleaning.

5. Sanctband Balance Wobble Cushion

The Sanctband Balance Wobble Cushion allows users to squeeze a workout in as they sit. It is an inflatable cushion which creates a challenge to enhance balance and stabilisation, ensuring better posture and building stronger core muscles.

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