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Choosing the Right Walking Stick

Posted by Deborah Lee on

For a quick video summary on how to choose the right walking stick, check out this video:

To fully utilise the benefits of a walking stick, it should be well-suited for the user. Here's some advice on how to choose the right walking stick.

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The Tip

The tip of the walking stick is made of rubber and found on the bottom of the walking stick. A good tip should grip the floor well, absorb the weight of the user and not lose its shape easily.

Single Tip Cane and Quad Cane Tip

Single tip vs quadruple tips.

The single tip helps the user maintain their balance and is suitable for users who need a walking stick to alleviate some pressure when walking.

The quadruple tips, on the other hand, are suitable for bearing more weight. Users who are less mobile and have more severe joint pain may prefer to use walking sticks with quadruple tips.


The Height

Ensuring the ideal height of the walking stick is extremely important. If the stick is too long, the user may feel some soreness after prolonged usage. On the other hand, a stick that is too short may cause instability when more weight is placed on it.

Here's how you measure the height of your walking cane: 

  1. Put on your usual footwear
  2. Stand in a relaxed, natural position
  3. Have your arms hang naturally without locking your elbows
  4. Measure the distance from the ground up to your wrist bone, rounding up to the nearest inch

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The Handle

Material. Walking stick handles are commonly made of foam, rubber, plastic, or wood. Wood and plastic are usually more durable than foam. However, due to pain in the hands, some users prefer foam or rubber handles as it may be more comfortable.

Size. The handle should not be too small, causing insufficient grip. Users with arthritis or other joint pains might prefer a handle with a larger grip. Choosing an appropriately-sized handle will relieve unnecessary stress on joints and help prevent joint deformities. 


Congratulations! Now that you're equipped with the knowledge of how to choose the right walking stick, learn how to choose amongst the wide variety of mobility aids to find the perfect aid for your elderly loved ones. 

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