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How To Promote Independence in Older Adults

May 06, 2021 2 min read

Promoting Independence in Older Adults

An active effort in promoting independence in older adults can play a huge part in helping them to maintain a healthy mindset and a sense of purpose. Ageing does not mean the complete loss of independence and the need to fully depend on a caregiver. Here are some ways you can encourage independence in your loved ones.

1. Develop A Schedule

Assist your loved ones to create a daily or weekly schedule and fill it in with different activities so there is always something to look forward to. Active scheduling of time also encourages them to plan ahead for future events, which will give greater purpose in their daily lives.

Avoid scheduling too many medical appointments, and try to add more social and personal activities to encourage communication and reduce isolation.

2. Make Your Home Elder-Friendly

Having a positive attitude towards ageing also means knowing the right changes to make the living environment more conducive. As we get older, we become more prone to accidents and injuries. This may sometimes lead to the loss of mobility and independence.

Create a safe living environment to ensure that your love ones feel confident to get around the house by themselves. Check out our other blog article to read about the Ultimate Guide to Fall Prevention At Home.

3. Encourage Social Activities

Social interactions are important to keep minds active. They are also essential to an older adult's mental and emotional well-being. Having social activities outside of the home will encourage them to get out and avoid being cooped up at home. At the same time, it will encourage them to stay mobile and walk around more, which improves their strength and keeps them healthy.

Check out our bestselling walking aids to encourage mobility:

  1. EZ Fold-N-Go Walker
  2. HappyWheels Travel Rollator
  3. Walking Canes
  4. Seat Canes

4. Avoid Giving Excessive Assistance

To promote independence in older adults, caregiver assistance should be sufficient but not excessive. Caregivers should know when to take a step back and allow them to do things that they are able to achieve on their own.

You may feel like you're helping them at the point in time, but in the long run, your actions may be expediting their deterioration. By giving our loved ones the freedom to perform some daily tasks independently, this will build up their confidence and also enable them to age with dignity.

If you're worried about leaving them alone, consider our Wireless SOS Alarm to ensure that they are able to call for help when needed.

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