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Why You Should Be Using Trekking Poles For Hiking

Posted by Deborah Lee on

To use or not to use trekking poles while hiking is a common consideration. However, we found that the benefits for using trekking poles far outweigh any drawbacks. Here are 3 top reasons you should really be using a trekking pole for your long walks and hikes!

Extra balance and fall prevention

When you're among nature and the outdoors, the last thing you would want is to slip on a slippery rock or miss a step. Using poles helps you maintain your balance and keep upright on tricky terrain. Should you slip, having a pole to plant on the ground helps to prevent you from falling face-first and keeps your hands from injury.

    Reduce impact on joints

    Going downhill adds more pressure to the knee and ankle joints, be it during walking, running or hiking. By transferring some of that impact to the arms and taking some weight off the knees and ankles, you help to preserve your joint health for a longer period of time. Even on relatively flat terrain, a long hike would contribute to some joint pain. Hence, over time using poles would enable you to hike further and with less pain.

    Burn more calories

    Did you know that you can burn more calories by using trekking poles during your hike? While at the same time allowing you to hike further, faster and safer, the extra effort put into propelling yourself forward means that your arms and core are undergoing a workout of their own. Hence, using poles means you get a better overall workout!

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