How Much To Exercise Based On These CNY Goodies

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We're well into 2017, with many of us diving into the year eager to fulfil our New Year resolutions - getting those rock hard abs or simply being more healthy and active.

However, Chinese New Year is soon upon us and that means - yes, you got that right - feasting on delectable goodies that come around once a year!

Listen, we're not here to tell you 'no, don't eat!', but we're here to encourage you to stay active, healthy and not let all that eating get to you! 

So let's jump in and take a look at our favourite CNY snacks and how we can overcome all that festive eating!


#8 Fried Mini Shrimp Rolls (aka hay bee hiam)

Calories per piece: 22 calories

These seemingly harmless goodies only come up to only 22 calories per piece, yet 10 of these adds up to calories similar to a bowl of rice. And face it, we all know how addictive these can be.

Recommended exercise: Dust off that old bike and go cycling! The park connector networks (PCNs) are a great way to explore the neighbourhood.


#7 Sugee Cookies

Calories per piece: 53 calories

These pale innocent cookies are the perfect combination of sweet and salty, making them a perfect snack to drink with tea. The crumbly, oh-so-buttery and melt-in-your-mouth texture makes them simply irresistible.

Recommended exercise: Try out a yoga class, typically around 45 minutes to an hour.


#6 Pineapple tarts

Calories per piece: 82 calories

Chinese New Year without pineapple tarts is equivalent to Christmas without turkey. The buttery, flaky pastry topped with sweet (甜甜蜜蜜) pineapple (“ong lai”) jam will definitely ensure you have the sweetest relationship and a prosperous new year. Do take note 5 of these make up to 2 bowls of rice.

Recommended exercise: If the weather permits, why not put on that swimsuit and go for a leisurely 1 hour swim!


#5 Love Letters

Calories per piece: 112 calories

As the list goes down, you may notice the amount of calories per piece has hit the ‘100’ mark. Fret not, you could try capping the amount to 3 but then again, we too find it hard to practice what we preach. 

Recommended exercise: Try out another addictive activity, and check out some virtual reality (VR) games at a VR arcade for an hour!


#4 Kueh Lapis

Calories per piece: 157 calories

Kueh lapis averages up to 157 calories per piece mainly due to the load of butter used in making this awesome treat. Why not have some for breakfast then head out for a nice slow jog in this cool weather?

Recommended exercise: Head outdoors to your nearby park for 30 minutes of moderate running.


#3 Bak Kwa

Calories per piece: 176 calories

Who. Could. Ever. Resist. A. Slice. Of. Bak. Kwa. Bak kwa is the epitome of indulgence during CNY even though this delicacy is available all-year around.

Recommended exercise: Grab your crew and get moving for 3 intense sessions of laser tag!


#2 Fried Nian Gao

Calories per serving: 482 calories

The fried nian gaon or new year cake, signifies the start of the new year and there is a must-have at the goodies counter. At 482 calories per serving, we really need to dig deep to work off all that nian gao!

Recommended exercise: 2 hours of housework like vacuuming, mopping or cooking.


#1 Yu Sheng

Calories per serving: 561 calories

Topping the list is yu sheng. You probably expect fresh vegetables and salmon to be anything but sinful but the oil, golden pillows and plum sauce just makes it so. Fear not as this is often shared among families.

Recommended exercise: Since the family is sharing, gather them to go on a 1 hour walk together! Check out 5 Beginner Level Walking Trails in Singapore


*DISCLAIMER* All opinions and recommendations made are strictly NOT to be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor if you have any doubts on your physical fitness and suitability for exercise.

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