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With our wide range of products, it can be hard to decide on one that would be the most suitable and beneficial for you. In this blogpost, allow our very own staff members to share with you their favourite product to help you gain a better understanding on the functionality of our products, and how it may help you!

1. Shermaine's Pick: HappyWheels Lightweight Travel Rollator

"I suggested to my mum to purchase the HappyWheels Travel Rollator for my grandma, after she lost her balance and fell while walking. Since then, my grandma uses her rollator to go on her morning walks. The rollator has not only helped my grandma recover from her fall, it also gave her a new found confidence in walking as she does not need to fear about losing her balance again! This is why I absolutely adore this product and think that anyone with elderly loved ones who require extra walking support should definitely get this product!"

Shop HappyWheels Rollator Here >


2. Joan's Pick: Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Walker

"A definite upgrade from the traditional walking frame, the EZ Fold-N-Go Walker glides forward easily without being picked up WHILE still providing the same amount of support for the user. It also folds easily and is lightweight enough to be stowed away for transport. Possibly the most raved about mobility aid by our customers!"

Shop EZ Fold-N-Go Walker Here > 


3. Juliana's Pick: Stander EZ Adjust Bedrail

"Ease. It gives both the user and family members a set peace of mind knowing that the user is protected and can sleep with ease without fearing of falling. Best thing is, It can be also be assembled with ease too within 5 minutes!"

The EZ Adjust Bedrail is also length adjustable, so you can lengthen it at night to serve as a fall prevention tool!

Shop EZ Adjust Bedrail Here>


4. Xin Yun's Pick: Stander Metro Car Handle Plus

 "It's a simple solution to solve the problem of difficulty with getting out of cars. Caregivers think they have to live with this problem but they don't!"

The Car Handle is a great innovative product that helps make the process of getting out of cars easier for people who are less mobile. It provides extra support and also confidence for elderly to get out of cars independently!

Shop Car Handle Plus Here >


5. Rachel's Pick: HappyHome Ergo Cushion

"Suitable for any age group as its a pain relief cushion. It reduces lower back strains and relieves pressure. So it's comfortable for people who drive from day to night, who sits on the wheelchair for long hours and also its lightweight and easy to bring for travelling."

The unique honeycomb structure of this cushion helps to spread out the weight when you are sitting down and thus, less pressure is exerted on your lower back!

Shop Ergo Cushion Here>


6. Vanessa's Pick: Stander Bedside Econorail

"I love the Bedside Econorail. It is a simple yet effective solution to making life easier for those who require just a bit more support."

Moreover, the Econorail is lightweight and portable, making it easy to bring around. This allows you to have bedside support anywhere you go!

Shop Bedside Econorail Here> 


7. Chang Xi's Pick: The Cane Collective 

"I have special fondness for The Cane Collective Walking Canes as it's our first range of products which we designed and manufactured. To me, these colourful canes are a symbol of what The Golden Concepts stands for - bringing colour and life to something traditional, providing support and helping the elderly to be independent and active.

The designer walking cane is also the first mobility aid which I introduced to my grandma. She was initially hesitant to use it but eventually shared with me that she finds it very useful and feels more confident to walk around with it. She also beems with pride when people comment about her pretty cane."

Shop The Cane Collective Here>


8. Joe's Pick: HappyWheels Ergonomic Pushchair 

"The adjustable armrest allows user to customise the height and therefore optimise their comfort. At the same time, lowering the armrests allows you to easily wheel it under the table at food courts or restaurants, so you don't have to worry about transferring them onto a chair! Makes everything way more convenient and efficient right?"

Shop Ergonomic Pushchair Here>


9. Haslim's Pick: Folding Seat Cane 

"Ideal for elderly who are more mobile and loves going for a walk and at the same time take a rest by having a seat anywhere anytime. Light, convenient and comfortable."

The Folding Seat Cane is also very sturdy and can take up to 113kg. It is lightweight, therefore making it portable and easy to bring around.

Shop Folding Seat Cane Here >

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