Skills to Pick Up Together

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Skills to Pick Up Together

While it may seem as though we have nothing in common with our grandparents and that the only activities we can do together are eating and talking, that is not true! Here are 5 skills suitable for both grandchildren and grandparents to pick up. You may even be surprised at how both parties can benefit from these experiences! 

1. Cooking

Nothing brings people together the way good food does. Embark on cooking adventures with your grandparents by trying out latest trends such as dalgona coffee or mini cereal pancakes! Alternatively, master secret family recipes or create new dishes from scratch. With the internet, you can never run out of ideas. 

2. Doing Crafts

Bring back some old school vibes by sewing, knitting or crocheting! Apart from improving hand dexterity and coordination, these activities promote bonding and allow for grandparents and grandchildren to engage in meaningful conversations over time. Another activity to consider is upcycling - turn old clothes into fashionable fits and save the environment in the process! 

3. Prawning (or Fishing)

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to prawning and fishing. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by going prawning or fishing with your grandparents! Doing so allows us to take some fresh air without having to stand for long hours. Let’s not forget the sense of satisfaction we can get from our harvest at the end of the day! 

4. Playing an Instrument

Learn to play your favorite songs on a musical instrument! From watching beginner-friendly online tutorials to attending physical classes, the opportunities available to do so are endless. Some popular instruments among seniors include drums and the ukulele. 

5. Learning a Language

It is never too late to pick up a foreign language, of which the benefits are countless. Adults who speak two or more languages experience the first signs of dementia later, at a mean age of 75.5. For grandchildren, doing so boosts cognitive skills and offers better career prospects. 


By learning the aforementioned skills together, quality time is spent and precious interactions occur between grandchildren and grandparents. Apart from stimulating our minds and hands, these activities also serve as perfect conversation starters for future conversations! 


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