Senior-friendly Fitness Tips

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Did you know that Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the global leading cause of death? It is also a frequent condition among older adults. It is important that we take mindful steps to build a healthy heart. Read on as we share with you some fitness tips that can work to strengthen your heart.

1. Daily Stretching

If your mobility is a little more limited, daily stretching is a simple physical activity that can get your heart pumping. Stretching can help to increase your flexibility and build lean muscle. At the same time, it can also burn body fat, which is a major contributing factor to heart disease.

You can read this article to learn some simple stretching that you can add to your daily routine.

Stretching exercises can also be combined with resistance training. These can be done anywhere as long as you have a resistance band. Resistance training helps to build and maintain muscle, slowing down muscle wastage which occurs when we get older. It is definitely an exercise that will get your heart pumping. 

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2. Water Aerobics

Aerobic exercises also known as cardio, are basically exercises that focuses on working and exercising the heart. Our heart is mostly muscle, and as we already know, our muscle starts to waste as we start to age. Working out the heart is important in ensuring that this muscle is strong enough to continue pumping blood regularly around your body. Aerobic exercises are great for this purpose!

Aerobics in water is beneficial for elderly as it is less stressing on the joints as impact in water is lesser than on ground. Water's buoyancy uplifts our body and removes weight on our bones. Moreover, in water, there is lowered risks of falls and accidents. 

Combining resistance training and aerobics exercise can work to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (good cholesterol). Cholesterol levels are contributing factors to heart health. 

3. Walking

The last and most straightforward way of building a healthy heart is walking! We walk everyday, however we never really give much notice to the health benefits that all these walking are bringing us!

Walking more in our old age is something that you can easily add to your daily routine, which is not hard to achieve. It not only helps to maintain muscle strength, build heart health, it can also help to instill a sense of independence in older adults!

If walking assistance is required, there are walking aids in the market that can help elderly walk by themselves. This will not restrict their walking time to only when someone is there to hold them. 

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4. Simple Dance Workout

Dancing is a fun and interactive way you can incorporate physical activity in your life! Follow the senior-friendly dance workout above and you'll definitely work up a sweat while enjoying upbeat music.

We hope this article has been helpful in helping to motivate you to care more for your heart health through your fitness regimen. Get moving and your heart pumping today!

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