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Still fretting over what to get for your mother this Mother's Day? We put together a gift guide to give you a better idea on what to get for your elderly mother. This Mother's Day, let us give our mothers the beautiful gift of an empowering and joyful ageing journey.

1. Gift of Independence

Walking aids are great gifts for those of you whose mums still has the desire to move around independently, however require some extra support! 

If they are able to walk around by themselves with minimal assistance, but just require an aid to help them maintain balance and alleviate some pressure while walking, a walking cane would be the perfect walking aid for them!

Moreover, our walking canes comes in 15 different designs for your mum to choose from. With these pretty designs, they would definitely be more willing to switch their umbrellas out for a proper walking cane!



However, if your mum requires more than a single-handed support, you can opt for walkers or rollators instead!


These walking aids provide constant two-handed support while walking, without the need to lift it up like the traditional walking frames! The rollator even has a seat for users to rest on when they are tired. These wheel walking aids may be the key to your mum regaining her confidence in walking, and increasing her independence!



2. Gift of Comfort

Did you know that sitting for long hours can lead to lower back pain? Moreover, women are more likely to experience it than men. Getting a good cushion would definitely help your mum sit a lot more comfortably for long hours and alleviate the lower back pressure that she's experiencing! 

The Ergo cushion has a honeycomb structure which is great for spreading out the weight and thus reducing the amount of pressure on your lower back when you're sitting! 

The OCA cushion is a water cushion, thus it does not trap heat when your sit for long hours and instead, it provides a cooling effect. This would definitely increase comfort for those who stay seated for long periods of time!

The Lumbar cushion as explained in its name, is meant for providing lumbar support and helping you to correct your sitting posture! The best part is, it has an adjustable curve function so you can customise it to fit your back!

Gifting your mum with extra sitting comfort is a great way of showing your appreciation!



3. Gift of Convenience

Daily living aids are a great way to increase convenience in someone's life! 


For example, these jar and bottle openers! Its silicone material allows users to get a good, comfortable grip and thus makes it much easier for users to open jars or bottles. If your mother is still active in the kitchen, however she seems to suffer from weakened hand grip, this product would definitely be a helpful and practical gift!

If your mum is an avid reader, they would definitely love these pocket magnifiers

Pocket magnifiers allow people to read easily and conveniently even when they are out and about. They are small and convenient to just chuck in your bag. They can now read with ease without having to squint and struggle to read smaller texts!



We hope that this gift guide gave you a better idea on what kind of products to buy for you elderly mum at home! These gifts are not only thoughtful and practical, they also serve to improve someone's life! 

Only 10 more days to Mother's Day! Wait no more!




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