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Have you always been curious about technology? Wanted to take a course to learn how to use your smartphone and the Internet but haven’t found the time? Or, perhaps you’re a caregiver looking for a guide to follow when you teach?

If your answer is yes to any of those questions, you’re in the right place! In this blog post, we’ll teach you the basics of how to use applications like Google Maps and Youtube. We’ll also teach you how to shop online. And, it’s completely free!

All these resources are available in this download link. So, you’ll be twiddling on your smartphones like a pro in no time!

Google Maps

google maps tutorial for elderly

Google Maps helps you to get directions to your destination so that you won’t get lost. Besides directions, you can also find reviews, actual pictures of the place, opening hours and even their contact number.

Learn how to use the main features of this useful application. Click on the link below to start learning and you’ll never lose your way again!


youtube tutorial for senior citizen
Always wanted to learn how to cook that fancy meal? Go on YouTube!
YouTube is an application where you can watch videos. You’ll find music, talk shows, cooking tutorials and so much more. You can learn anything you want to on YouTube!

In our lessons, we teach you how to find videos, create your own playlists, like videos and how to subscribe. Click the link below to start learning!

Online Shopping

online shopping tutorial for senior citizen
Online shopping is where you can buy all sorts of things from clothes, furniture and even grocery. Many online shopping platforms have similar interfaces so it’s easy to learn! The best part? You get your items delivered straight to your house. So convenient!

Learn how to make sure that a shopping platform is safe (beware of frauds!), how to add items to your cart and make payments.

Click HERE to download or view all the lesson slides!

We hope you’ll have a great time learning! More importantly, we hope that these tips will help you and your loved ones in your everyday life.

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