Activities Elderly Can Do Independently

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In the current day and age, we care about our elderly parents and grandparents a lot. It is good but we tend to restrict them to only doing certain activities while they have someone with them or no activities when someone they are alone. So since we're celebrating independence in our pioneer generation this August, here are some activities elderly can do on their own.


1. Tabletop Activities

To start off, we have tabletop activities such as doing puzzles and playing some card games such as solitaire which is a popular choice of card game with the elderly. Another example would also be Mahjong, a popular games as well.

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Not only do these activities help with entertainment but they also benefit the elderly by improving their cognitive function in the long run.


2. Elderly Friendly Sports

Sports may be a bit daunting to hear as we know that sports takes a lot of physical strength to play and do it well. However, there are variations of sports that are fun and elderly friendly.

One such activity is Balloon Volleyball. The main goal of the game is to keep the balloon in the air by using parts of your body. It challenges their agility but it will makes the elderly relive their childhood days and evoke the pure joy that they felt then. 

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There are many other activities that they can do to get some work out done. For example, they can get some exercise done with resistance bands, which is helpful in building and maintaining their muscles!


3. Arts & Crafts

Besides activities that get the elderly to go out and about. There are some activities that kick starts that creativeness in them while still being elderly friendly.

One such activity would be Cross-Stitching. It is easy to learn and can keep the person busy for months on end with a wide variety of designs and sizes to choose from. It also improves one's concentration skills and hand eye coordination.Image result for cross stitch designs

Another activity is Origami. Nothing has to be bought to do Origami and it can be learnt quickly and easily done just by watching videos online teaching basic shapes. Once they have mastered the basics, they can do it again and again, finding new models to create and all of it is just limited by their imagination.

Alternatively, they can use hand exercisers as a simple activity to keep their fingers nimble and agile.


4. Skill Workshops

You may feel that sometimes you are not keeping up with the millennials and their trends and gadgets. Your parents will feel it more and skill workshops are a good opportunity to get caught up or gain the basic skills to stay relevant in the society we are in today.

Workshops ranges from learning how to use an application on a phone to learning  how to use home appliances. Elderly can sign up for these workshops at their local community center. If they are still mobile, give them the freedom to head down to the nearest community centre by themselves to sign up for these workshops. If they require some extra walking assistance, a walking aid can be a good companion that provides sturdy support to ensure they walk safely by themselves. 

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We hope that this blogpost has given you a few ideas on activities that elderly are able to independently! Age is just part and parcel of life and we should not let it hinder us from doing and learning things.



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