10 Elderly-Friendly Attractions in Singapore

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For most of us, Singapore's position as a leading attractions destination makes us spoilt for choice when deciding where to visit. However for those with mobility issues, such as our elderly loved ones, it becomes necessary to consider if attractions are accessible and elderly-friendly. Here we've drawn up 10 'must-see' attractions which you can take your elderly loved ones to!

#1. Gardens By the Bay

    Image credit: http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg

    Gardens by the Bay offers visitors a vibrant view of lush greenery and fascinating floral displays. It is designed to cater to everyone including those who require mobility aids.


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    • Barrier-free routes (map available) which make it convenient for wheelchair or mobility scooter users
    • Automated doors, accessible lifts, parking lots and toilets
    • Frequent shuttle service ($2) to Bay South Gardens
    • Wheelchair rental
    • FREE Lunchtime Parking between 12-2PM on weekdays (except public holidays)

    #2. Universal Studios Singapore

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      Anyone can have fun at Universal Studios Singapore (USS), be it young or old! Themed sections of the park cater to all interests, and some rides even offer better assistance in transferring wheelchair users from chair to ride.


      • Elderly-friendly rides which also offer transfer assistance
      • Various shows and attractions with accessible seating
      #3. Singapore Flyer

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        Known as Singapore's version of the 'London Eye', the Singapore Flyer offers magnificent views of the city from up high, especially during sunset. At 165m, it is one of the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheels as well as one of Asia’s biggest tourist attractions.


        • Relaxing way to soak in the Singapore skyline
        • Family-friend flyer capsule accommodates up to 5 wheelchairs and 15 other guests
        • Ramps, lifts and accessible toilets on the compound
        #4. Singapore Discovery Centre

          Image result for singapore discovery center

          For some inter-generational bonding, you can consider visiting the Singapore Discovery Centre. Ideal for both Singaporeans and tourists, the Singapore Discovery Centre uses innovative methods to showcase aspects of Singapore's history and culture through their exhibits.


          • Free admission for Singaporeans and PRs, discounted senior citizen rates for foreigners
          • 3D and 4D movies to wow both the young and old
          • Singapore-centric exhibits using various technology

          #5. River Safari Singapore

          Image result for river safari singapore

          River Safari Singapore is the first river-themed zoo in Asia to feature aquarium, freshwater attractions and river boat rides as their major attraction. View interesting river species in comfortable galleries or head outdoors for a relaxing River Cruise!


          • Sheltered, paved pathways and barrier-free access
          • Discounted rates for senior citizens and VWO caregivers
          • Unique exhibits such as panda enclosure and relaxing river boat rides
          • Wheelchair rental available

          #6. Singapore Science Centre

          Image result for singapore science centre

            Having recently gone through a $38-million revamp exercise, the Singapore Science Centre is ready to wow and educate visitors of all ages and abilities. It boasts one of the country's largest collections of scientific and educational exhibits.


            • Over 50 interactive exhibits to engage curious learners of all ages
            • Accessible main entrance, ramps and fully-covered linkways
            • Wheelchair rental available
            #7. Asian Civilisations Museum

              Image result for asian civilisations museum

              Just 5 minutes away from Raffles Place MRT, the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) focuses not just only on Singapore’s ancestral culture but also the rich artistic heritage of Asia. For locals and tourists alike, the ACM provides a comfortable environment in which to experience more of what the region has to offer.


              • Special discounted rates for senior citizens
              • Ramps and accessible lifts within the museum compound
              • New exhibits every few months to encourage return visits

              #8. Night Safari

              Image result for night safari

                Our Night Safari is the world first nocturnal zoo and home to close to 2,500 animals of over 130 species. Did you know that being around animals can help to increase feelings of happiness and wellbeing in everyone, regardless of age? Furthermore, experience a novel zoo experience under the starry skies!


                • 90% of pathways are paved for wheelchair access
                • Accessible parking lots available for those with disability decal
                • Ramps and designated alighting spots
                • Free wheelchair rental available

                #9. National Museum of Singapore

                Image result for national museum of singapore

                  The National Museum of Singapore is the oldest museum in Singapore and gives visitors a multimedia experience of Singapore's history and archaeological heritage.


                  • Good place for tourists to start learning about Singapore's history and for local seniors to reminisce their younger days
                  • Wheelchair-accessible compound
                  • New exhibits every few months to encourage repeated visits

                  #10. Botanic Gardens

                  Related image

                  Singapore Botanic Gardens was recently awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status, with more than 74 hectares of green grounds for families to explore and enjoy. 

                  • National Orchid Garden is over 1000 orchid species and 2000 hybrids, perfect for tourists and locals to appreciate our national bloom
                  • Frequent free performances in the gardens to accompany family picnics
                  • Wheelchair rental available


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