8 Tips For Travelling With Your Family

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Planning a trip for your whole family can be stressful. One important question to ask yourself when travelling abroad with your family is: “What are the things that I have to consider?”

Here are 8 things to look out for when travelling with your family!  

#1 Accessibility

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One common concern many may have is that of accessibility. Are there transportation methods available to get there? When travelling with your children and your elderly parents, are the places you want to go to, child or elderly-friendly?

Travel Routes and Transportation

It is vital to map out the travel routes when planning your itinerary. The main aim of doing so is to come up with routes that are (a) time-saving, (b) convenient and (c) suitable for all that are travelling. One possible method is to download transport system maps of the place that you are going to. Another method is to search for suggestions from other travellers who have been to those places before. Tip: families travelling with young children and/or the elderly should check if the public transport is stroller or wheelchair-friendly.

Visiting Places

One other important thing to consider is whether the places you plan to visit are easily-accessible. If there are no public transport available, you can consider hiring a van or minibus to ferry your family and you around. Tip: Use this checklist for assessing if the places you want to visit are suitable for the young and old:

  • Is there a lot of walking involved?
  • Is it stroller/wheelchair-friendly (presence of ramps, lifts or elevators)?
  • For families with very young children, are there nursing rooms and/or child seats available.
  • If not, what are the alternatives?

For those who are bringing your young children or elderly parents abroad, one problem you may face is the accessibility issue that comes with their mobility devices (if any). Bulky strollers, wheelchairs or pushchairs can be a problem when you are travelling. Tip: invest in a compact pram and mobility device or to rent one for the duration of your travel!

For compact mobility devices for the elderly who require mobility assistance, you may consider the Travelite Portable Pushchair, which is available for both purchase and rental. For the elderly who require less mobility assistance, you may consider The Cane Collective walking canes, which are both foldable and lightweight.

#2 Budget

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Before embarking on your family trip, it is very important to budget. After all, you would not want to spend unnecessary money that can be used for other activities. Tip: draft a budget table to keep track of your expenses! There are many available budgeting tools online such as Budget Worksheets to aid you in your budgeting.

#3 Activities

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Planning a trip for a family with children and seniors may be a tricky one. Planning carefully can ensure an enjoyable trip for all.

Here are some activities that you may consider including in your itinerary:

  • Nature sight-seeing
  • Restaurants
  • Adventures
  • Educational experiences
  • Shopping

For a more enjoyable experience, do consider how accessible these places will be. You may have to prepare mobility aids for your loved ones based on their needs. For example, your young children may require strollers while your elderly parents and/or grandparents may require walking canes, walkers, and/or wheelchairs. Other items that you may consider for yourself or your loved ones include hiking poles, which are great tools for hiking expeditions.

Tip: You you can make use of an itinerary template for more detailed and efficient planning!

#4 Accommodation

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Looking for accommodation can be frustrating, especially when there are so many options available. Tip: Consider the following point when picking out your ideal accommodation:

  • What is your main concern (Location, price, amenities or service)?

Upon deciding that, you can start to shortlist the available options and pick the most suitable one from there. Tip: making a comparison checklist of shortlisted places can shorten the decision process.

#5 Flight

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Flying may be a great experience for some, but not for others. To ensure a pleasant journey for you and your loved ones, it is important to be mentally and physically prepared before boarding the airplane.

Tip: ask yourself these questions when traveling with young children or the elderly:

  • Can strollers and/or wheelchairs be hand-carried aboard the aircraft?
  • If not, can they be checked-in?
  • Will I, or my loved ones, experience motion sickness?

Tip: for a smooth boarding process, it is always advisable to check and confirm with your airline company early, if baby strollers and/or wheelchairs be hand-carried aboard the aircraft  or checked-in. You may also consider purchasing a compact and lightweight portable pushchair suitable for travel.

Motion sickness is a common ailment for many during flight. Tip: carry some motion sickness medicine with you. Small pill-organizers are great for bringing them on board a plane. For those who are apprehensive of swallowing pills, you may consider purchasing a pill cutter.

#6 Personal Belongings

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Planning for a holiday may be very nerve-wrecking and time-consuming, and it is very common to forget to pack some items. Tip: coming up with a personal checklist will help you to be a little more organized.

Your checklist may include a series of items such as:

  • Check-in luggage(s),
  • Hand-carry bag(s),
  • Passports
  • Local and overseas cash and credit card(s)
  • Handphone and portable charger
  • Medication, and/or
  • Snacks

#7 Safety

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Besides remembering to bring along those essential items with you, safety is always a top concern for many. Tip: Keep your bags and important items such as passports close to you and, instead of keeping all your cash at the same place, store them in the various compartments of your bags and/or luggages.

Additionally, do take note of organizations such as embassies, or helplines you can reach out to in your country of travel. For Singapore citizens, do you know that you can e-register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) prior to travelling abroad? Doing so can ensure that you and your family are accounted for and it is also easier for the MFA to contact you in times of emergency.

#8 Language

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When travelling to certain countries, language can become a barrier when you do not speak the local language. Tip: buy language handbooks or learn useful, everyday phrases. Not only can you use this opportunity to learn a bit more about a foreign language, you can also turn this into a family-learning  journey. If learning languages is not your forte, you can also consider using images (through google or pre-saved in your mobile phone) to communicate your needs to the locals. Lazy to do so, fret not! You can print out or save our travel pictorial sheet below (click on the image to get the full-sized version):

Now that you have gone through this article, it is time to get planning and packing with your loved ones! We at The Golden Concepts wish everyone a great June Holiday! (:


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