5 Interesting Short Courses offered by the National Silver Academy!

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1) Acting

Image Credits: LASALLE College of the Arts
Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of acting performances? Why not try out the acting short course offered by LASALLE College of the Arts! You will get to practice acting techniques, respond to scripts and develop collaborative performance skills! This month long course is sure to add some zest to your life!


2) Pottery

Image Credits: Jeff Gilbert Photography - London
Pottery is a relaxing activity for all ages and perfect as a creative outlet. This course will guide participants through the basic methods in pottery and discover the areas of pottery you have interest in. Watch out though, your hands will get dirty after each session!


3) Ukulele

Image Credits: University of third age
What better way to pick up music than through Ukelele! This course is a fun and simple way to pick up a music instrument, furthermore learning music can help soothe the soul and calm the mind. Now you can jam and sing along to your favourite songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s!


4) Basic Travel and Street Photography

Image Credits: LASALLE College of the Arts
Planning your next holiday destination? Why not equip yourself with some photography skills to allow you capture the moment? This course will teach you all about taking a photo that tells a story, furthermore it is a wonderful hobby to keep you on your feet!


5) Start Up a Small/Home Based Business

Image Credits: C3A
Have you ever thought of being your own boss and starting up a company? Then this course is perfect for you! You will be brought through the process of identifying your market to launching your business!


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