5 Family-Friendly Activities in Singapore

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Staying in Singapore this June holiday? No problem! You can still have fun with your family. Here is a list of family-friendly activities we have compiled for you:

Activity #1: Embark on a Heritage Trail

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For those who are interested in the history and culture of our homeland, Singapore, you will be thrilled to know that there is a total of 85 heritage trails that you and your loved ones can explore together. The heritage trails, packed with fascinating information, helps to connect people of all races together and strengthens our identity as Singaporeans. Experience firsthand the untold stories behind the streets and landmarks of Singapore. Tourists are also welcomed to go on these precious heritage trails. Some of the more popular heritage trails you can consider are:

  • Kampong Glam
  • Little India
  • Chinatown

If you do not wish to travel far or if you have family members with mobility issues, you can consider going to one near your place. The National Heritage Board has a list of heritage trials available in Singapore. If you are not a fan of history and are more interested in things like food, you can visit roots.sg, which maps out the different types of trails (by area) available in Singapore. What are you waiting for? Hurry and immerse yourself in our rich culture by embarking on one of these trails during your upcoming holidays!

Tip: Remember to check which trails are wheelchair or pram friendly if you are bringing along family members that require mobility aids!

Activity #2: Take Nature Walks

Image from: Gardens By The Bay   

Breathing in fresh air once in awhile can be beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Singapore is a country filled with lush greenery so why not bring your loved ones down for a stroll in one of Singapore’s many parks? Here are some places you can consider:

  • Punggol Waterway Park
  • East Coast Park
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • Gardens by the Bay
  • West Coast Park
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens

You can also bring along a picnic mat, some card games, and refreshments for a laid-back family-bonding time. For the more adventurous, you can consider going for an adventure course in Bedok Reservoir Park (kid-friendly courses available).

Tip: These places have great backdrops for photo-taking. Bring along a camera and snap some memorable family photos! 

Activity #3: Get up close with animals

Image from: Johnnyh.com

Let’s be honest. Besides our own pets, the only other animals that we get to see on a daily basis around the blocks of our neighbourhoods are tiny birds and cuddly stray cats. Why not show some love and visit the other animals at the different nature and wildlife attractions that we have in Singapore? Here are some places that are worth visiting:

  • Singapore Zoo
  • River Safari
  • Jurong Bird Park

The Singapore Zoo is a home to 315 species of animals, of which 16% are considered as endangered species. Get to meet and interact closely with the animals by feeding them or watching them perform special tricks.

You may also consider visiting the River Safari, a river-themed zoo and aquarium, established in 2012. In a tropical rainforest setting, the park boasts a total of 5000 animals of 300 species, in 10 different ecosystems around the world, including the River Nile, Mississipi River and Yangtze River.   

Another place you may consider visiting is the Jurong Bird Park, an aviary that is home to 5000 birds of 400 species, of which 29 are considered as endangered species. Hurry visit the Jurong Bird Park at its present venue, Jurong, before they relocate to Mandai by 2020.

Tip: Remember to bring a cap and some insect repellent to keep mosquitoes at bay! 

Activity #4: D.I.Y Crafts

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For those who prefer to stay indoors, there are many activities available for you and your family to do, too! Why not pick up a new hobby or learn some crafting with your family? Make Your Own offers a plethora of workshops such as calligraphy and printmaking. There is nothing more meaningful than to bring home a personally handcrafted artwork to decorate the house.

Love greenery but hate the outdoors? Sign up for a terrarium workshop with Make Your Own or Ecoponics. If the timeslots do not suit your timetable, you can also choose to purchase terrarium D.I.Y kits to have some hands-on at home with your family! There are also a lot of D.I.Y tutorials available online on platforms such as Youtube that you can attempt with your family as well. Be it redecorating a corner in your home or simply crafting a simple artwork, there are no limits to what you can do!

Tip: If a family member is very well-equipped with D.I.Y skills, you can even hold a live D.I.Y tutorial at home. Sharing is caring, after all. It’s time for Grandma to get out her knitting equipment!  

Activity #5:  Music workshops 

Image from: Genial-nah

If crafting is not your cup of tea, you may consider signing up for a music workshop during your holidays! Musicians often claim that music enables people to communicate across cultural and linguistic boundaries, in ways that are simply impossible with ordinary languages.

Besides music being recognized as a universal language, there are many known benefits of learning a new musical instrument. These benefits include:

  • Improving your memory
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination
  • Teaches you perseverance

Both listening to music and playing musical instruments will stimulate various parts of your brain and enhances your memory capacity. As such, music therapy are popular among therapists around the world to enhance cognitive skills.

You may want to enquire and sign up for music workshops with TravelClef, a local music company that conducts music workshops for people of all ages at your preferred location.

Tip: Hold a mini family-concert at the end of the holidays to showcase your newly-acquired musical skills!


As the holidays are approaching, you may start planning a list of activities that you and your loved ones can enjoy together. Take this time to rest, have fun, and strengthen your bond as a family! Enjoy!  

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