5 Elderly-Friendly Places to Catch 'Em All!

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1. Chinese Gardens / Japanese Gardens
Image Credit: www.yoursingapore.com
Escape the bustle of the city life and take your elderly loved ones to the Chinese Garden and Japanese Gardens! There are more than 40 PokéStops littered throughout the 2 gardens. However do remember to bring along an umbrella and lots of water as it will be hot!

2. Singapore Zoo

Image Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore Facebook Page
With more than 30 PokéStops within close proximity of each other, the Zoo is great for aspiring trainers! Furthermore,for the month of August, Singapore Zoo is offering 51% off combo admission deal for both the River Safari and Singapore Zoo. There’s even free wheelchair rental (on a first-come first-serve basis) so Ah Gong and Ah Ma can relax and catch Pokémon!

3. Orchard Road  

Orchard Road is definitely one of the most popular destinations for Pokémon hunters with PokéStops. With big name malls activating lures in the malls, even Ah Gong and Ah Ma can stop by any F&B outlet to rest their feet and catch Pokémon!

4. Gardens by the Bay

Image Credit: www.pokemongomap.info
Located at the heart of the CBD, Gardens by the Bay is bustling with Pokémon activity! Accompany Ah Ma in the indoor domes to take in the magnificent flower displays and replenish as there is a large concentration of PokéStops in the vicinity. After that, head on to Marina Bay Sands to have a well deserved rest and compare your haul with Ah Ma’s!

5. Sentosa

Image Credit: www.sentosa.gov.sg
Looking for a family weekend getaway? You might want to consider a staycation at Sentosa! If you are looking to evolve your Pikachu, Universal Studios Singapore is the perfect destination with reported nests located at 6 out of the 7 attractions! Furthermore, for the month of August, your whole family can visit Adventure Cove Waterpark and S.E.A. Aquarium at only $51.

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