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5 Elder-Friendly Travel Tips

Posted by Deborah Lee on

There is an unspoken stigma against travelling in your old age. It is a common thought that travelling would be too tiring or too dangerous for the elderly. However, travelling can benefit the elderly by enhancing the cognitive activity of the ageing brain, increasing focus and sharpening observation skills. Exploring and experiencing new cultures and places can be mood-lifting for the elderly, allowing them to feel youthful again!

Of course, travelling in your old age can be tricky. But, don’t fret! Ample pre-trip preparation and planning can help you overcome those difficulties. Here are five tips that will make this trip an enjoyable one for everyone.


1. Planning itinerary

Keep in mind that travelling with an elderly person may mean that more time is needed. Thus, make sure that you allow for ample time in your itinerary such that the trip will not be rushed.

If the itinerary includes walking, ensure that roads are not too uneven or bumpy for the elderly on foot and on wheelchairs. Countries with an ageing society, such as selected cities in Korea and Japan, provide examples of elder-friendly travel destinations with even pavements and wheelchair-friendly facilities. (Look out for our next post, which will be about best travel destinations for elderly.)

Planning extra rest stops in your itinerary would also allow the elderly to catch their breath and take in the sights around them. You wouldn’t want them on a trip where they are only focused on how to get from one end to the other without experiencing sights around them.


2. Airlines and Flights

    Some airlines provide senior citizen discounts for flight tickets. Make sure you research beforehand and get the best deal! Some examples include Singapore Airlines, British Airways, and Delta Airlines.

    Singapore Airlines Senior discount for Passion Silver Cardholder:

    British Airways Senior discount for AARP members:

    Prioritize the comfort of flight so that your elderly loved ones can enjoy a smooth journey, especially if it is a long haul flight. Some airlines, such as Delta Airlines, are known to be extremely elder and wheelchair-friendly. When choosing seats on the plane, secure seats that are near the toilet to increase convenience.


    3. Checking for elder-friendly amenities

      Look out for elder-friendly amenities when you’re out and about to ensure a smooth trip.

      These amenities include ramps and wheelchair lifts.  

      If the journey is long, look out for resting benches along the way to allow elderly to catch their breath.

      When choosing your accommodation, find places that are around quieter neighbourhoods instead of those that are around the rowdy city areas. The elderly tend to be light sleepers; hence, a quiet environment will help them to enjoy a good night’s rest. A good night’s sleep ensures that they have their battery fully recharged for the next day’s activities, allowing them to make the most of the trip.


      4. Packing

        Double check when packing medication. You wouldn’t want to miss out any of their medications and find out only when you’re already at your destination. To ease the process of packing the required medication, you can consider switching out your usual bulky pill holders for the compact Sabi holster pill organiser.

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        Another smart product to have while travelling is a 2-in-1 pill holder and bottle.

        This 2-in-1 pill holder and bottle helps ease the process of taking medication by providing easy access to both water and the pills. It also helps you to save space as you do not have to pack a bottle and a pill holder separately. Even better!

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        To ensure maximum comfort, pack an extra sweater as the elderly tend to be sensitive towards the cold weather. This extra sweater could come in especially handy on your plane rides. If your trip involves long rides in buses or cars, you can also pack a travel-friendly seat cushion which helps relieve pressure on the hip bones and prevent excess trapped heat from prolonged sitting.


        5. Easy travel mobility aids

          We all know the hassle of bringing mobility aids on overseas trips. Wheelchairs and walking canes can be bulky and nearly impossible to pack. And you wouldn’t want to be lugging a heavy wheelchair everywhere on your trip. Thus, it is important to find travel-friendly mobility aids.

          The HappyWheels Travel Chair Lightweight Pushchair is an excellent choice for your travelling needs for elderly members with limited leg strength.

          At 9.5 kg, the Pushchair is lighter than most wheelchairs. Most notably, it can be folded and easily packed into a bag, making it extra convenient to bring around. This travel chair is also one of the best sellers here at The Golden Concepts.

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          For the elderly who are still able to walk but require more support, a walking cane would be a suitable mobility aid for them. Most walking canes we see out there are boring, dull, and not foldable. Who would want them on vacations?

          The Golden Concepts offers a huge variety of aesthetically pleasing and foldable walking canes in The Cane Collective. Perfect for a vain grandmother on vacation!

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          I hope this post helped to ease the process of planning a vacation for your elderly loved ones, and changed your opinion of travelling with an elderly into a positive one. Keeping an open mind and having an extra dose of patience would definitely help make this trip a memorable one. Happy travelling!

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