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5 Beginner-level Walking Trails in Singapore

Posted by Deborah Lee on

Walking is a great activity which encourages exercise and exploration at the same time. New to walking as a form of exercise and concerned about your fitness levels? If you're looking to start slow, here are 5 scenic trails around Singapore which are ideal for beginner-level hikers to get in a simple workout and explore our island at the same time!

1. Prunus Trail (Macritchie Boardwalk) ~ 1hr

You'll find the Prunus Trail boardwalk at the eastern end of Macritchie Reservoir, just a short walk from the main amenities centre. With shady rainforest cover and easy-to-navigate boardwalk terrain, you'll get in a leisurely hour-long walk and even get to see some interesting native forest fauna along the way.

2. Changi Point Coastal Walk (Changi Point) ~ 1hr

The boardwalk on the Western end of Changi Point provides a scenic, evening/night walk option as it is well-lit and open 24-hours. Take in native local flora as you navigate coastal, pavement and boardwalk terrains which will take you about 45min-1hr at a relaxed pace.

3. Lower Peirce Trail (Lower Peirce Reservoir Park) ~ 45min

This 900m boardwalk stretch in Lower Peirce Reservoir is especially suitable for families with young children or elderly who wish to join in as it has secure railings and large steps which are simple to navigate. Enjoy a peaceful hike through one of Singapore's last remaining mature secondary forests and learn more about our flora and fauna through the informative signboards lining the trail.

4. Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk (Labrador Nature Reserve) ~1-1.5hrs

A wheelchair-friendly location, this coastal walk comprises the Alexandra Garden Trail, Berlayer Creek Mangrave Trail and Bukit Chermin Boardwalk, which makes this great for an inter-generational family outing. Offering a variety of tranquil habitats previously inaccessible to pedestrians, this is a wonderful escape from the bustle of city life.

5. Tampines Eco Green ~1.5-2hrs

Featuring an eco-toilet, vegetated swales and freshwater habitats, Tampines Eco Green is an exciting park to visit. Completing a loop through the park's trails will take you about 2 hours, and lets you take in the sights of a fascinating ecological habitat over gentle grassy terrain. 


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