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Elderly Thrive In Denmark

Posted by Deborah Lee on

We came across this inspiring article about the elderly in Denmark, 

Why the interest in Denmark? Well one of the main inspirations for creating this company was our experience in Denmark when we lived there for 6 months as part of our student exchange programme. It opened our eyes to how seniors can live with independence and maintain a high quality of life as they live through their golden years. Granted, they have an excellent welfare system which greatly supports all elderly Danes, but I'm sure there are many things that we can learn and adopt from them, given that Denmark and neighbour Sweden are often considered the best places in the world to grow old.

The article also mentions an encounter between the author and a 93 year old Dane, a resident at Lotte, the most famous nursing home in Denmark, who wears a helmet to protect his head (he has a tendency to fall) while pushing a walker. Aptly described by the author, "the helmet is indicative of the lively life Lotte residents lead; instead of not going out, you wear a helmet and take the risk."

At The Golden Concepts, we believe in maximizing the independence of seniors, enabling them to enjoy a high quality of life and maintain dignity and grace as they enter their golden years.

I'll end off with a quote that best sums up the Danish philosophy on aging:

"The philosophy is that, no matter how frail, you have a right to be in charge of your life,"



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