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Traveling as an Older Adult (with Chan Brothers Travel)

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If all our talk about traveling has gotten you all fired up, here’s a simple three-step guide to traveling as an older adult with tips from the travel experts at Chan Brothers Travel!

Step 1: Choosing a Destination

Are you having trouble deciding on a destination? There are so many places to go to that it might be difficult to decide between the beautiful mountains of the Canadian Rockies and a comfortable cruise ride to Central Europe. We know that there are many aspects to consider when choosing a destination. Is it too physically strenuous? What is there to see? To make it a little easier for you, we asked Chan Brothers Travel their top age-friendly recommendations!


First up, cruise destinations are popular with older adults due to the many advantages of cruise vacations such as exploring multiple destinations in a fuss-free manner while mitigating messy transfers in between journeys. This way, you don’t have to worry about needing the toilet on long coach rides or transferring your luggage again and again. Furthermore, cruise rides provide comfortable and luxurious accommodation and dining arrangements with onboard entertainment options which makes traveling a breeze. So go ahead and take a cruise ride down to Hong Kong, Central Europe or even Alaska. The world is your oyster! :-)


If you are not into cruises, consider a sightseeing tour. Sightseeing and gourmet tours to destinations such as China, Japan, and Korea are classic favorites. These tours offer rich itineraries and gourmet cuisines that value-add to your travel experiences. Star-struck? You could also consider a celebrity-led tour with your favorite television or radio personalities to famous UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites, such as the Shandong Temple of Confucius. Alternatively, for the adventurous and well-heeled, why not pick more exotic destinations such as South Africa and Eastern Europe for a bucket-list worthy travel experience?


Step 2: Preparing for a Trip

It is always important to be well-prepared for a trip. Here is a list of handy tips from the travel experts. Check them off your list before you leave for the airport!

  • Do your research! Have on hand important information such as flight timings, immigration information, weather, accommodation and food, transportation facilities.
  • Don’t overload your luggage with unnecessary things to make traveling more manageable for you! (Also, it gives you more luggage space for your shopping hauls.)
  • Make copies of important documents such as passports, travel insurances, visas and emergency contacts.
  • Keep medications handy and in approved containers in your carry-on luggage
  • Purchase comprehensive travel insurance



Step 3: Get an Experience of a Lifetime!

Now, you are all prepared for your trip. Grab your passport and embrace your inner explorer! Before we say goodbye, remember these two important points.

Firstly, you are never too old to travel! In 2009, a 97-year old senior traveler joined Chan Brother’s heritage tour to Fujian with her family. With her daily indulgence of a fresh mug of beer to go with her meals, you can bet that she never thought she was too old to travel. Secondly, take things at your own pace. There might be a planned itinerary, but it is your trip after all. Speak to tour guides or your travel partners should you not be able to accommodate to the day’s itinerary.

Here at The Golden Concepts and Chan Brothers Travel, we believe that traveling is beneficial for both your physical and mental health. So, go forth and explore new destinations and cities, and meet lots of new people along the way.

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