3 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Elderly Loved Ones

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Christmas is a time for giving! But, it’s not about getting your loved ones the fanciest and most expensive thingamabobs. This Christmas, give your loved ones something worth cherishing.

#1 A Gift of Independence


Did you know that physical independence affects your quality of life? As we age, we might find ourselves less mobile and independence. However, by gifting the right mobility aids, you can help your loved ones live independently. Something that they’ll cherish for sure!

Here are some of our best-sellers to give you some inspiration.

The Cane Collective Canes


Available for every personality and every occasion. 

Shop full collection here >> 

Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Walker


For that extra bit of support. Available in three colours right here.

HappyWheels Lightweight Travel Rollator

HappyWheels Lightweight Travel Rollator

For someone who wants to go the distance. Do you know someone like that?

Need help choosing the right mobility aids?

Check out our 'Introduction to Mobility Spectrum' article


Download our free Guide to Mobility Aids.


#2 A Gift of Time Well Spent

Sometimes, all we want is more time to spend with our loved ones. And, we don’t always realise that might be the best gift for your loved ones this Christmas. More time well spent with you. 

So, why not go on a family vacation this holiday season? After all, nothing says quality time like a couple of days spent with your loved ones exploring a new city. If you need any tips on planning a family vacation with your elderly loved ones, check out these blog articles! 

Don’t miss out on your perfect travel companion: the HappyWheels Travel Chair.

HappyWheels Lightweight Travel Chair Pushchair


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#3 A Gift of Comfort

Ah, old age ailments. Alleviate those aches and pains with your loved ones’ new favourite support cushions. Maybe it’ll become their version of a chou chou/bantal busuk. It might smell strange after a couple of years, but it’ll definitely be loved.

HappyHome Ergo Cushion

Unique honeycomb structure that will evenly spread your weight across the cushion to relieve back pressure. Sounds great? Get it here.


OCA Water Cooling Cushion

OCA Water Cooling Cushion

Combat Singapore’s heat and your loved ones’ backache.

Merry Christmas from The Golden Concepts Team 🎄

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