3 Chinese New Year Traditions You Must Know

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Are you ready for Chinese New Year? As a festival with multiple traditions, here are the 3 most important traditions to keep in mind before the day even rolls around! Check off the list if you have done the following, signifying you're all set and ready for the New Year!

1) Spring Cleaning

1 to 2 weeks before Chinese New Year, people usually undertake spring cleaning of the home as a sign of throwing out the old and welcoming the new. Why not take this time to get your house ready in time for your visiting guests as well? 

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2) New Clothes

Along with the theme of welcoming the new, we usually buy and wear new outfits for Chinese New Year visiting. Spruce up grandma's outfit with a 'huat' walking cane! Our Engraved Ruby Cane and Engraved Gold Cane are in just the right colours for the season. Grandma's new clothes won't look so out of place when she's got a lovely walking aid to show off as well!

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3) Reunion Dinner

Getting the whole family together is a mammoth task, with loads to prepare! By tradition, this is the most important family meal of the year. Usually, our matriarchs are in charge of putting together the whole meal with the help of their children and grandchildren. Why not make it easier with our cutlery grips, jar openers and bottle openers?


Have a wonderful time this Lunar New Year with your family and elderly relatives!


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Thinking of spending the upcoming long New Year weekend outdoors? Check out some elderly-friendly activities happening during this period!

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