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The Effects of Hearing Loss

Posted by Deborah Lee on

The ability to hear is such a basic part of our lives that most of us take it for granted. Hearing is a gift and yet, why do people with hearing loss concerns tend to go untreated?

Well, that is because most of them do not know that they do. In fact, these days, excessive exposure to noises from leisure-related activities has increased the number of children and young adults with noise-induced deafness.

Approximately 15% of the World’s adult population has some degree of hearing loss. About one third of those who are affected have disabling hearing loss. The latest study results were released in 2012, by WHO, comprising of estimates based on 42 population-based studies and it shows that 5.3% of the world population has a disabling hearing impairment – 360 million people. (World Health Organization. (2012). WHO global estimates on prevalence of hearing loss. Retrieved from:

Hearing loss is invisible. Most of the time, it creeps up gradually without you realizing it. Some sounds remain audible while others become softer and harder to hear. Over time, when voices become less clear, the impact is obvious.

With hearing loss, not only does it mean a loss in volume but it also means a reduction in the ability to understand speech. People with hearing loss live in a world in which others expect them to hear normally. As a result, communication becomes increasingly challenging and requires more effort.


Hearing loss is common in Singapore, both in children and adults. With an ageing population, more people are expected to experience hearing loss in the near future. A holistic approach to the effective management of hearing loss is necessary. Awareness of the early signs of hearing loss will lead many to early solutions

At MyEar, you will find hearing care services and products that adhere to all of life’s most challenging listening situations. Finding the right sound solution is one of the most important decisions to make. This includes not only the restoration of hearing, but also addressing other aspects such as prevention, early detection, rehabilitation and psychosocial issues.

That’s why we accompany our clients at every stage of their journey to better hearing. Not just technologically but also emotionally. After all, there is no one quite like you. Your personal preferences and the anatomy of your ear are unique to you. Our wide range of products can help you explore the best solutions that match your daily needs.

You can do something about hearing loss and the sooner you decide to take action, the more fulfilling the results will be.

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